whats inside a treadmill

WHAT’s Inside A Treadmill?

Everything start from a treadmill. Research by the American Council on Exercise confirms that treadmills are the most popular form of home exercise equipment to lose weight and gain fitness.  A high-quality treadmill can provide a safe and fun way for the whole family to start and stay on the path to a healthy lifestyle. Many know about the benefit but do anyone know whats inside the treadmill?

Before you get into treadmill world, let’s have some basic treadmill design and construction to help for choosing a good treadmill or running on it. Basically, treadmills are built with the same basic components such as motor, flywheel, frame, rollers, deck, belt, electronics and display console.


The main bone of a treadmill is motor and it is the one that delivers power to the treadmill. So it is very important to select a suitable treadmill which suits your need. There may come with an additional lift motor that provide the incline for your workout. Treadmill manufacturing called these capacities of the motor as horsepower and its quality determined how much your treadmill is going to be.

Range can be from 1.5 to 3 horsepower, and some can get up to 5 horsepower but normally we didn’t need so much horsepower unless you have a special need. Try to look for at least 2 horsepower treadmill as bigger motor can easy increased speed from the belt and the motor can last longer. This can avoid over-heating and motor stress.

There are two types of two measurements for horsepower: continuous and peak. Continuous horsepower is how powerful a treadmill can continually operate without dropping off. Peak horsepower is the maximum horsepower a treadmill can generate for a short period of time


Flywheel helps to regulate speed and consistency of the belt. It helps to regulate a constant deck speed and avoid the jerky motion when you are running on the surface.


Majority of treadmill are using steel frame and it delievrs good performance so far. But some of the commercial quality treadmill (as i know landice, Precor) using aluminium frame as it is more superior strength and resistance to rust and corrosion. This is where you know where your money spend for if you purchase for more high quality treadmill. All the frame are main for provide absortion import for runners.

NordicTrack Treadmill (Model 25046) – Assembly Instructions


Rollers help to support the belt and provide power and traction, that’t is it. Of course higher quality rollers able to provide more smooth walk of run for you and it help to reduce amount of wear and belt and motor. .


A very important feature to consider when buying a treadmill is the deck. As the main purpose of deck is to provide support shock reduction for user, so it is important that the deck is shock absorbent to prevent stress injuries. The ticker the deck, the more shock absorbent, and the more cushioning and comfort it offers your legs/joints.

Treadmills are designed to cushion your step, which is especially important if you have any sort of knee, ankle, hip or other joint problems. Phenolic and proprietary decks are always have the best shock absorbent results.

Belt (running surface)

Belt is the surface on which the user walks, runs, or jogs on when using a treadmill and often made of rubber. Belt consider is a cushion of a treadmill and its quality reflect your comfortable level when you are running. A good belt are needed to provide shock absorbing and not to be too soft or too hard.

Remember to make sure the belt size are wide and long enough for you as it determines the space you have to run on it. Normally with an average of 16-18 inch width, 45-50 inch length are fine for a person unless you are taller and needed for wider or longer.I would say 18-22 inch width, 50-60 inch length will be more comfortable and better fit for a tall guy.

Electronics Display Console

Nowadays treadmill always come with different electronics display console to make your workout easier, safer, and more enjoyable. Those electonic display console is an additional feature that added to suit for majority need. Those controls can provide feedback such as speed, distance, heart rate, pace, calories burned, laps taken, time elapsed, incline and more (depending on the particular treadmill).

All those features are able to increase intensity and add challenges to your workout. Variety of workouts and difficulty levels create your own custom courses to maintain your interest

Of course, the more features for your treadmill, the more expensive! Above are the general overview of the most important components.

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